Malai Iberia is the official distributor of Malai brand to Portugal and Spain.


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All orders are shipped on weekdays until 15 pm with the following shipping costs and estimated delivery times:

Portugal and Spain: 0€ (1-2 days)

Europe: € 8 (3-4 days)

Outside Europe: 12 € (5-6 days)

After payment, you’ll receive an email with the order confirmation.
Malai is not responsible for any delays in deliveries.

Malai would not be responsible for the returned order due to incorrect address, unknown recipients or picking fault at a Post Office. The Customer should contact Malai and pay the shipping costs for the order to be issued again. Alternatively the user can go the Malai oficial Store.

All products ordered will be sent to the destination however, exceptionally, there may be situations in which a product is not available after the order was made. In this cases the customer will be notified by e-mail or by phone for the order to be altered or canceled along with the refund.

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Malai items can be exchanged or returned within fifteen (15) days after delivery date. In either case, the item will only be accepted if the product remains intact, with tags, package and invoice. To change your Malai piece inform us by email (info@malaiswimwear.pt) pointing the product you want to exchange/return along with the order number.

There are two ways for you to exchange or return your Malai piece:

– By email: send the goods and documentation to the address: Rua Coelho da Rocha 75D 1350-073 Lisbon, Portugal.
The shipping costs are your responsibility. Malai assumes no liability for loss or damage incurred during shipment of the returned product.

– In person: At the Malai official Store (Rua Coelho da Rocha 75D 1350 Lisbon, Portugal) from Monday to Saturday from 11-20 pm.

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Malai has a rigorous quality control policy. However, in case of a defective item please contact us by email (info@ malaiswimwear.pt) or phone to solve the situation as soon as possible.

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Malai Online Store accepts the following forms of payment:

– Bank transfer: Order value of the transfer to our account through the details that are provided at the time of purchase.

– ATM Reference (MB): This option generates a reference to use at an ATM machine. You must enter the Entity Data, Reference and the total value of the order in the option Payments> Shopping Payments.

– Paypal: You can use your Paypal account. If you have not a PayPal account you can create one at the time of the purchase process. We recommend you to save your Paypal data to use each time you make a new order.

– Credit card (Soon): It requires the data entry of a valid credit card information. Note: If the information is not valid appear an error message preventing the completion of the purchase. The total value of the order is debited automatically.

All payments are made safely through our partner organizations PayPal and EasyPay, following strict safety standards.
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We have high policies to to protect your privacy. To be able to complete a purchase on our site, you need to give us some personal information. However, any information you provide us will be shared with third parties or used for other purposes not resulting from the business relationship with the Malai.

You can review, change, ask to delete your data or unsubscribe from our newsletter by sending an email to info@malaiswimwear.pt

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All transactions in this online store are protected by Secure Sockers Layer (SSL) and Secure Data Encryption. This encryption process ensures that nobody can decode your personal data while traveling from your computer to ours, and ours to the Bank.

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You agree to provide personal data and correct addresses. If any of the data is incorrect or insufficient, and for this reason there is a delay or inability in order processing, or any non-delivery, the responsibility is entirely the user, and Malai declines any responsibility. orders re-dispatch costs will be your responsibility.

Ordering products should be made by users aged over 18 (eighteen) years (individuals under the age must have consent of their representatives). The data and information transmitted by the User shall enjoy full legal effect, recognizing the User electronic purchases and can not claim that lack of signature for breach of obligations.

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Malai Online Store is a registered site and the service provided by the site itself is the responsibility of Malai Iberia. You acknowledge that the Service contains confidential information and is protected by copyright and related rights, industrial property and other applicable legislation. You acknowledge that any content appearing in advertising, highlight, promotion or mention of any sponsor or advertiser is protected by laws relating to copyright and related rights, the laws relating to industrial property and other proprietary protection laws, so any use of such content may only occur under the express permission of the respective holders.

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All site content is the responsibility of Malai if you notice any errors please report to us for info@ malaiswimwear.pt so that we can correct it as soon as possible. All price information, product specifications, promotions and services may be changed at any time by Malai.

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All products and services sold in the Malai Online Store are in accordance with Portuguese law. Data queries and information made under this service, be deemed to be made by the User, declining to Malai any liability abusive or fraudulent use of the information obtained.